New Beginnings Incense


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Are you feeling like things just aren’t going your way? Tired of the unpleasant aromas that come with a particularly bad day? Well, I’ve got something perfect to help make it through! Introducing Cryptic One’s New Beginnings Incense!

I’ve carefully crafted an incense experience tailored for those days when life sucks and everything smells terrible. Hand-selected essential oils blend together a combination of citrus and earthy sandalwood in just the right ratio of freshness and warmth. Plus, each incense stick is uniquely tinted in a special blue color – it’s almost like lighting a mood ring for your nose.

True, our incense won’t solve all your troubles, but at least now when things turn to shhit you can mask the smell with New Beginnings Incense – 20 sticks per package that’ll sweeten up any room during your worst days. Let’s face it, sometimes life stinks…but new beginnings don’t have to!  The perfect companion piece to the New Beginnings album, light a stick, put on headphones, press play and let your cares drift away…

Limited quantities.